How to Backup Your WordPress Website | 2019

How to Backup Your WordPress Website | 2019

Backing up    your website simply means that you’re     saving a copy of your website at a    designated date and time. so that if your    website crashes or you aren’t happy with    some of the recent changes that you’ve   made you can restore the backup to    recover your old website.

I highly    recommend that you take regular backups   of your website and here’s why   number one updates can go wrong plugins   and themes require occasional updates   and an update can sometimes cause your   website to break number two getting   hacked is an unfortunate possibility  .

Number three you could miss a payment  maybe you got a new card and forgot to  update your billing info with your   hosting company and now your website is  removed .

Number four things just  happen random errors and crashes can  come out of nowhere and for seemingly no   reason. so it’s always a good idea to   backup your site .

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Step number one is to install the backup   plugin. so to do this from your wordpress   dashboard just simply go over to plugins  and then go to add new now from here   we’re gonna go up to the search bar and   type in a plug-in called    updraftplus


How to Backup Your WordPress Website i | 2019

and  you’ll see it right here. so now we’re  just gonna click on Install Now and then   click activate cool .

So now updraftplus is going to walk .   So step number two is to take a  backup so to take a backup all you have  to do is simply click on the backup Now  button and then make sure these two  boxes are checked and then just click on   the backup now cool so now we’re backup  is running and it should only take a few  seconds.  So now it’s done and you  can see that backup by simply scrolling  down and you can see it right here .

So  step number three is to schedule an  automatic backup that way you don’t have  to do this manually every time  I highly recommend this so to do this   just go up to settings and then change  the files backup schedule from manual to  weekly same with the database backup and  then just set this to four which  basically means that it’ll take one  backup every week and it’ll only retain  the last four weeks that way you have an  entire month worth of backups that you can go back to and


Next we’re just going  to choose where we want these backups to  go so my favorite to choose is Google Drive.

How to Backup Your WordPress Website | 2019

so just click on Google Drive and  then scroll down and you can skip all of  these settings and if you’d like you can  allow updraft to email you whenever it  backup is taken but I don’t like a lot  of emails flooding into my inbox every  week so I’m gonna go ahead and just  click Save Changes so now you have to  give up draft permission to go to your
Google Drive account so just go ahead  and click on the link and then sign into  your Google account and then just click  allow and now just click on complete  setup to go back to WordPress and every  week these backups will accumulate until  it hits four and then it will  continuously replace all backups with  new ones so now you’re probably   wondering well how do we use these  backups well that brings us to step  number four which is to restore a backup  so let’s say we goofed up and deleted  our homepage and now it looks like this  it’s completely missing well we can  restore it back to normal by going back  to our one draft plug-in scrolling down  to our existing backups and then going  to an old backup and clicking on restore  you  make sure you check all these boxes.

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