What is the difference between a landing page and a sales page?

What is the difference between a landing page and a sales page?

The Differences Between a Landing Page and a Sales Page is simple. A touchdown page in the main is for gathering a call and email cope with while a income page is to promote a product(s) or services. … Using a touchdown page gets you more leads, never use it to send visitors immediately to a sales page.

Sales Page

Sales page is the web web page with one single call to action! The goal of those pages is to get site visitors or shoppers to buy the product. These pages are primarily used for a selected event, product portfolio, and services.

Though many visitors in your internet site are sure to first land to your homepage, inside the marketer’s lexicon, the two terms aren’t synonymous. They have exclusive objectives.

I’ll start with a fundamental concept that units them apart.

The number one goal of a homepage is to inspire the vacationer to go to another page—a web page that satisfies their informational desires.
The primary goal of the touchdown page is to be the page that satisfies their informational wishes.
It facilitates to consider a touchdown web page as a “response page.” While a homepage may be deemed a hit in a number of ways, and perhaps, also, in varying degrees, the touchdown web page receives a easy skip or fail grade. It passes through attaining a conversion and fails otherwise.

But now not so fast. Unbounce, a main authority on touchdown pages, claims touchdown pages come in varieties:

  1. Click-thru touchdown pages purpose to get visitors to click on via to every other page. This type of web page is generally used in ecommerce models due to the fact visitors are unlikely to shop for when first landing on a checkout page. The web page is likely to provide product details in hopes that it will encourage the traveler to click on and buy.
  2. Lead generation landing pages are used to seize leads through a shape. They typically describe a suggestion and call for visitors to submit an e mail address, and likely greater data, to finish a non-financial transaction. Note that the term “squeeze page” is also used to describe this kind of page.
    A landing web page is typically linked (or the destination of) a traffic-building tool of some sort from an outside source. Pay-per-click ads, social posts and ads, or emails are common examples.

Above is an example of a click on-thru landing web page. No shape appears. Below is and instance of a traditional lead generation touchdown web page.

Landing pages are simple


The key to landing page success is simplicity. Clutter the web page and you hazard cluttering the minds of site visitors, which is bound to decrease conversion rates.

Landing pages, therefore, ought to be simple to create. The guidelines that comply with ought to assist. Where it makes sense, I’ll point out how every tip may range for a homepage.

1. (No) navigation

Let’s start with what now not to position to your touchdown page: website navigation. You don’t want readers to navigate. Navigate essentially manner leave. You need them to click only one component: the button provided.

The navigation for your homepage is all-critical and demands careful consideration. 

2. The instant connection

Another aspect a landing web page shouldn’t have is an overly clever or oblique headline. Make it dummy evidence.

The headline of your landing page need to provide a crystal clear connection to the language used in whatever the reader simply saw—and clicked. I call this the “key-word connection.” You don’t need to disorient site visitors or pressure any unnecessary mental gyrations.

Write an unfussy headline that assures the traveler she’s arrived at the right web page to meet her desires.

Here’s a stellar instance of making a key-word connection and maintaining it simple. Campaign Monitor’s PPC ad and landing both characteristic the phrases “Better Email Marketing.”

A homepage headline have to also guarantee the visitor has arrived at right location—if they genuinely are a fit. Generally, touchdown web page headlines attention on a proposal, whilst domestic page headlines must focus on positioning the business enterprise and clearly communicating its value proposition.

3. The subhead segue


While it’s optional, it’s regularly beneficial to comply with your laser-centered headline with a subheading. The line you write ought to serve as a segue from the headline to the reproduction that follows. This an ideal area to introduce or reiterate the fee of taking gain of the offer.

This identical concept is useful for a homepage, however, the concept expressed need to attention at the person’s need at a broader level.

4. Show me something

Most landing pages feature at the least one photo. Don’t overthink it. Like the headline, the photograph ought to assist affirm the page’s cause for being—the provide.

If your provide is an data asset, consisting of an eBook, report, or webinar, show it in a pseudo physical shape (booklet, pc screen, etc.). If the provide pertains to a product, display the product.

Some offers might be more abstract, which is often the case with services, consultations, and such. If so, don’t forget a friendly picture of someone or institution of people featuring visible cues to help make it relevant.

For many income processes, including a video to the touchdown page may be helpful. For instance, once I created a landing page to promote a web path on copywriting, a consultant counseled me to introduce myself and the course with a quick video because it’d help potential college students get comfortable with the teacher.

Using an photograph (or video) on a touchdown web page isn’t a rule, however can make the page extra attractive to site visitors and effect conversion rates.

Landing pages on my internet site convert at a high rate due to the fact they prominently display what’s being supplied. Visitors to this web page will immediately recognize what they get after completing the form.

Your homepage is also probably to function a main image or hero shot and extra pics to support the records provided.

5. Value-based replica


Your touchdown web page wishes to get to the point. In other words, what’s the price of your provide?

Like most effective sales replica, you could gift a problem-answer sequence, however accomplish that quickly. Effective copy for touchdown pages often affords the blessings of complying in a quick list.

Another option is to jot down and design content blocks giving each gain its very own piece of screen real estate. You’ll frequently see these presented in a grid where each element capabilities a simple photo (including an icon) followed by way of a subheader and short passage of replica.

The landing web page below quickly explains the cost of the eBook being provided and includes a detailed list describing the content featured in the eBook.

Homepage replica is easily “chapterized.” You could make a factor here, some other factor there, and gift lists wherever suitable. Don’t do that for your landing page. Think singularly.

6. Social evidence

Author Robert Cialdini famously defines social evidence as “the tendency to peer an motion as more appropriate when others are doing it.” He claims social evidence is greater powerful while we’re unsure what to do.

Put yourself within the thoughts of your touchdown page traveller. He’s thinking, “Should I read, watch, listen to, attempt or purchase this?” “Is it well worth my time and money?”

Who might know? Those that have gone before you. Therefore, to raise the persuasion powers of your touchdown pages, placed social evidence elements to paintings on it. Consider approaches which include:

  • Testimonials
  • Reviews
  • Social media posts
  • about the product
  • Customer emblems
  • Media mentions (“As visible on”)
  • Verification or trust seals
  • Numbers, e.G.
  • Downloads, glad customers, shares, etc.
  • Orbit Media delves into applying the power of social evidence in your internet site in
  • Neuromarketing Web Design: 15 Ways to Connect With Visitors’ Brains.

On this touchdown page underneath, Optimizely gives you social proof in the form of consumer trademarks and claims lots of agencies consider their product.

7. Simple form

Unless you’re developing a click-through touchdown page, your page will want a shape and effects can be measured by the share of visitors that whole and put up it.

You have options concerning the range of, and types of, fields to include. Consider the following:

Shorter bureaucracy (together with e-mail address best) will bring about greater leads, but frequently, less qualified leads.
Longer forms will lessen the number of leads, but can help qualify them.
As a high-quality practice, ask for the simplest statistics you want from your ends in observe-up effectively.
Avoid open-ended questions or difficult requests. For qualification questions, you would possibly provide choices including pull-downs (e.G. corporation size).
Some advertising automation systems will enable you to use clever bureaucracy that adjust according to the tourist’s conduct from beyond visits to the internet site.
This form, from a touchdown page on the HubSpot site, is a long way from easy. HubSpot cleverly makes use of its very own platform to gift smart bureaucracy to return visitors. The fields are mechanically populated with recognized consumer data, but request extra statistics to help qualify prospects.

A style of strategies now provide alternatives for presenting bureaucracy to visitors as preview pages, popups, slide-ins, overlays, and light boxes. You determine while and how they are mechanically invoked (on arrival, scroll, time-based totally, or upon exit). You’ll need to draw conclusions concerning the chance/reward factor by using experimenting.

Using bureaucracy on your homepage comes with the danger of annoying traffic. That said, you have a variety of options that may not detract from the consumer experience including placing simple paperwork in a sidebar, row or footer. The most commonplace instance would be to capture e mail subscribers.

8. Attractive button

Buttons might be the unsung heroes of particularly effective landing pages. Your button ought to combine layout and copywriting pleasant practices to make it clean for the traveler to act for your offer.

High converting button reproduction is clean, specific, and often written in first person. For example: “Count me in for the loose video route!” Here are guidelines for creating magnetic CTA buttons:

  • Use action phrases that propose price. Use words consisting of “get,” “reserve,” and “take” alternatively of “submit,” “click here,” and predictably generic commands
  • Create contrast. Don’t go for pretty. Make your buttons standout with contrasting colors that can’t be missed.
  • Try unique shapes and sizes. Experiment with designs. Winners are probable to be incredibly large, but you could discover overly heavy-passed designs paintings in opposition to you.
  • Try extraordinary lengths too. Long and specific instructions might also outperform 2 or 3 phrase phrases.
  • Urgency works. Tactics suggesting restricted time offers, time limits or maybe just the inclusion of phrases like “now” or “today” tend to convert.
  • If your offer is unfastened, say so. For apparent reasons, “FREE” usually pulls well.
  • Use directional cues. Arrows or graphics main the attention to your CTA button can boom click on-via.
    I may want to move on about this essential topic—and I have. Check out this thorough have a look at of strategies to improve your call to motion buttons (and the infographic under).

I applaud Qudos for making their name-to-motion button enormously descriptive, fee-primarily based and smooth to discover.

9. Guarantee


Writing a guarantee in your landing page is all approximately giving your site visitors a parachute. It’s a manner to tell your audience:

“Hey! There’s no massive threat here! Go ahead and click that button! You’ve were given nothing to worry approximately! It’s going to be remarkable if you take me up on this offer, and in case you don’t suppose it is first rate, I’ll make sure you’re no worse for wear!” (Source: Your Guide to Creating Landing Pages, with the aid of Leadpages.)

A guarantee doesn’t have to mean offering buyers their cash back. You might also don’t forget a guaranteed to solve any issues. Even informing visitors their credit card statistics is 100% secure, or which you won’t spam them, can be taken into consideration a assure.

On a touchdown web page for a path supplied with the aid of Leadpages, the teacher offers a satisfaction assure.

10. Testing

You can optimize conversion by means of jogging A/B tests to your touchdown pages. With A/B testing, or cut up testing, you surely evaluate a manage web page (“A”) in opposition to a variation (“B”) that consists of a first-rate difference of some sort. After a length of time, or wide variety of visits, you overview the effects and pull the plug at the decrease-performer. You proceed through providing the winner or you may conduct extra assessments aiming to make in addition improvements.

The landing web page specialists at Unbounce provide more insights at the manner and propose using it to check elements inclusive of:

  • Headline
  • On-web page copy
  • Call-to-action copy
  • Images vs. Video
  • Form duration and style
    You may also don’t forget testing:
  • Your offer
  • Button design
  • Page layout
  • Social evidence
  • Anything featured in this post

11. Thank you web page

When a lead technology landing page succeeds, you can or won’t have made a sale, but on the very least, you’ve captured a brand new e-mail address—an interested prospect. Next, your patron or prospect have to be thanked.

While many digital marketers ship thanks messages thru e-mail, serving the brand new subscriber an instantaneous thanks web page can be the better way to move (or you could do both).

  • The thank you page confirms a conversion for your analytics.
  • The thank you web page also can kickoff critical lead nurture or upsell processes.
    Effective additives of a thanks web page can include:
  • Instant get right of entry to on your provide
  • Social media sharing links
  • Additional offers and calls to action
  • Promotions

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